Who Is MediaBlanket?

MediaBlanket have been creating technologies and connecting customers to financial products and services for over 10 years. A fully licenced and regulated operation, we own and operate multiple products and services to help customers reach their financial goals.
Based in the heart of Manchester, technology is at the core of our business, and we employ some of the finest minds to ensure that we are the forefront of improvement within the financial space. The MediaBlanket platform is an ever changing and improving model. It is designed to work seamlessly within the financial marketplace, allowing us to meet the changing needs and requirements of lenders and affiliates, and of course, our customers.
Beyond the technology lies innovation, and MediaBlanket delivers creativity to many brands within the financial community, enabling us to connect customers with appropriate solutions. This is how we have already helped millions of people receive the financial support they need and continue to help many more each day.
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Credit Brokerage

MediaBlanket provides a responsive, adaptable, and technologically sophisticated service to both affiliates and lenders. We are one of the most established and competitive online credit brokerage networks in the UK. Monthly, we handle millions of loan enquries and connect customers with lenders who can meet their needs in real time. From HCSTC, to instalment loans, through our own websites and our ever-growing lender panel, we are able provide our customers a broad range of solutions.

Like our customers, our partners are always our main priority, and we carefully collaborate with affiliates and lenders to continuously customise bespoke solutions, create lasting connections, and draw in large volumes of high-quality enquires. We constantly strive to have in place the greatest technology, results, and earnings for both our affiliates and lenders.

Supacompare is an online financial brokerage platform that drives customers to traditional and non-traditional lenders and credit partners in the UK.

  • Supacompare works with top credit providers and lenders to offer tailored comparison results to help customers on their financial improvement journey.
  • Supacompare has comparison logic that allows us to find the best solutions for the customers. Our algorithms are derived from proprietary technology and offer the consumer a unique perspective on their finances
  • Supacompare allows you to see personalised insights into your credit score and tips on how to improve it. By improving your credit score, you have a better chance of getting better credit offers and saving money.
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