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Supacompare is an online financial brokerage platform that drives customers to traditional and non-traditional lenders and credit partners in the UK and abroad. Supacompare gives the consumer full control over of their personal credit. Our API and platform powers comparison for multiple UK banks and credit providers.

  • Supacompare works with top credit providers and lenders to offer tailored comparison results to help customers on their financial improvement journey.
  • Supacompare has comparison logic that allows us to find the best solutions for the customers. Our algorithms are derived from proprietary technology and offer the consumer a unique perspective on their finances.
  • Supacompare allows you to see personalised insights into your credit score and tips on how to improve it. By improving your credit score, you have a better chance of getting better credit offers and saving money.
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Autodosh specialises in connecting customers looking for car finance with suitable solutions based on their specific requirements. Working with the top car finance providers in the industry, we help our customers drive away with their dream vehicle.

Credit Knowledge

With CreditKnowledge.co.uk, users can access, comprehend, and manage their credit report and score. We provide customers with the tools to stay in control of their credit report, and offer more than just a credit score with features such as:

More detailed data

ID Protect

Tailored Tools

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121 Money

Customers who are battling with debt can regain control with the aid of 121money.com.
We help our clients find the best way to help them address their debt problem and make sure that their debt is as affordable as possible by providing free and unbiased guidance.


We connect customers to financial solutions, and by working with MediaBlanket, you can take use of our unique technology. Through one key partnership with MediaBlanket, our Supaleads platform will enable brokers to gain access to multiple lenders and financial solutions, and allows lenders access to a sizable community of prospective consumers, all in real time. You can be confident that through our management of relationships you will not run into any regulatory concerns because compliance is of the utmost importance to our organisation, and we only work with partners that have a track record of consistently operating in a compliant manner.

To learn more about partnering with us please click here.

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