1. What is a cookie?

We use cookies on our website and we will ask your consent to our use of cookies when you visit us.

A cookie is a small file containing data which is saved to the computer or device you're using when you visit a website. When you return to a website, these cookies are read by that site and often used to identify you and your preferences. No personal information, such as your name or address, is stored in cookies.

Remember that as cookies are device based, if you use our website on your desktop and on your mobile, cookies will be saved to both devices.

2. Types of cookie

There are different types of cookies we use depending on what we need them for.

3. Persistent vs session cookies

A cookie can either be persistent (long term) or session (short term) based. We use both. Persistent cookies remain on your device after you have closed your browser window. These cookies are used to remember you when you next return to a website, or for remarketing purposes, so that when you are on a different website we can show you an advertising banner. Persistent cookies stay on your browser until their expiry date or if you should decide to delete them, which you can do through the browser you're using.

A session cookie only stays on your browser for as long as you are using a particular website; it is deleted as soon as you close the browser. Session cookies are needed, among other things, to remember who you are when you move from page to page on a website.

4. First and third-party cookies

A cookie can also be a first party cookie or a third-party cookie. First party cookies are those set by the website you visited. All other cookies are third party. We use both. We only work with trusted partners when using third party cookies. These include performance cookies, which help us track visits or revenue to partner websites, analytics cookies (i.e. Google Analytics, Appsflyer) which help us understand how much web traffic or app traffic we are receiving, and marketing cookies (i.e. Facebook, Google) which help us track the performance of our marketing campaigns, remarket similar products or services to you (including via social media), and create 'lookalike' audiences to find new customers. If you view content (i.e. a video) powered by a third party on our website (i.e. YouTube) they will set their own cookies on your browser. All our partners have their own cookie policies, which you can refer to.

If you prefer not to see online advertising that markets products or services to you based on your online behaviour, you can visit one of these websites to opt out of interest based advertising from many companies, some of whom we work with:

5. The third party cookies we use

Below is a sample of significant third party cookies we use on our website for the purposes of analysis or marketing.

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of our website. Google Analytics gathers information about how our website is used by means of cookies. The information gathered relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of our website. Google's privacy policy is available at:

We use Google AdWords conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns when advertising on Google's advertising network, for the purposes of remarketing relevant products and services to you and to create audience profiles to target advertising to new customers. See above for Google's privacy policy.

We use Facebook cookies to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns when advertising on Facebook's advertising network, for the purposes of remarketing relevant products and services to you and to create audience profiles to target advertising to new customers. Facebook's privacy policy is available at:

You can change your Facebook settings any time – see instructions on how to do so.

6. Why we use cookies

There are many different reasons we collect cookies. These are:

Functionality: To remember the preferences you set on our website, for example if you're logged in or not, or if you've accepted our cookie policy, so that we can create the experience you're expecting Understanding our Customers: To track all the pages you visit and buttons you click on, so we can understand what is relevant to you and therefore create a more personalised experience for you Personalisation: To link what we know about you (as our customer) to your behaviour on our website, so that we can understand more about you and create a more personalised experience for you. Product Improvement: To test new features or content so we can understand whether or not you like using or seeing them Marketing: To market new products or features to you via other channels like social media, and to create similar audience profiles (sometimes called 'lookalike audiences') we can market to, so we can target advertising to new customers Third party Connections: third party cookies can be used to help you navigate third party content on our site, to help their marketing and analysis or where the third party is our service provider and uses cookie data to provide us with insights into our website and how people use it.

7. Credit Worthiness

Credit Worthiness

We work with a CRA to give you a unique score – your “Credit Worthiness” - that is an indication of the credit available to you at the time of your use of the Account Services. We may calculate this at the time you first register for an account with us, on your subsequent visits and in any event every month to let you know how / if your Credit Worthiness is changing. From your Credit Worthiness, we will show you tailored information about Products that might be available to you.

Your Information

Your information will be shared with the CRA and specific Lenders in accordance with our Privacy Notice.


We will show you your results within your account and on email (“Credit Worthiness”)

8. How to manage your cookies

You can choose to accept or decline cookies through your web browser. If you choose to decline cookies this can reduce your experience using many websites.

You can also delete existing cookies through your web browser.

For information about how to manage cookies for individual browsers here are the relevant resources:

Google Chrome Firefox Opera Internet Explorer Safari Edge For more information about how to manage your cookies please visit

9. More information about cookies

If you're keen to learn even more about how cookies work and how you can manage your own cookies better please visit or . As these are external websites we can't take responsibility for the information they contain.